Jamie Oliver Has Already Made the Royal Baby a Cake

(Image credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Jamie Oliver sure is fast! While the rest of the world was sitting around idly wondering what Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge would name their new royal baby, Jamie Oliver was baking. Just 43 minutes after Kensington Palace announced on Twitter that the new royal baby’s name was Prince Louis Arthur Charles, Jamie Oliver posted a congratulatory cake to mark the occasion.

“Massive happy congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as we welcome the newly named HRH Prince Louis Arthur Charles,” Jamie Oliver wrote. “To mark the occasion I’ve created Louis’ royal rhubarb & custard cake – it’s a total showstopper that’s a perfect treat for celebrations like this! The combo of rhubarb and custard is one of my all-time favourites and a proper British classic.”

That was so fast. I wonder if Jamie Oliver had multiple little prince name flags made up so the cake would be ready to photograph as soon as the name was announced. (Or maybe the picture was taken with a blank flag, and they just waited for the announcement to photoshop the name in.)

According to The Daily Meal, Oliver’s royal baby cake is a classic Victoria sponge cake with custard, rhubarb jam, and buttercream icing. It’s lovely and seasonal, and the recipe is already up on Jamie Oliver’s website.

The name “Louis” is a classic as well, but in this case it left a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering how, exactly, the new baby’s name is supposed to be pronounced. “Louis” can be pronounced either “Louie” or “Lewis,” and it’s impossible to tell in writing. This would have been a good time to bring out a town crier to make the announcement. At least then we’d have known how to pronounce the baby’s name.

Fortunately for the royal-watchers of the world, the geniuses over at Today remembered that Prince William’s full name is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, and he said the whole thing out loud during his 2011 wedding. They checked the footage, and Prince William clearly pronounces it “Louie.”

So now we officially know how to pronounce the name of the new royal baby, and the name of Jamie Oliver’s new cake.