Jamie Oliver’s New Show Is Hot

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We don’t want to spoil the Jamie Oliver Double Feature for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but we want to hear what everyone who tuned in late last night thought.

With the anti-incumbent mood rounding the country just now, we thought Jamie Oliver might beat Iron Chef Batali on Iron Chef America last night. We nearly turned the TV off and went to bed after Jamie’s minty peas didn’t take the cheesy chairman’s prize, but we decided to stay up for Jamie Oliver’s new Jamie at Home.

We gotta say we really like this show. Did you? All the recipes Jamie shared were achievable and natural, yet wouldn’t take too much time to make. Roasted red peppers from a jar were as close as he got to convenience foods in this first sneak peek episode. While we didn’t catch every one of his British-isms, Jamie carries an authentic energy that had us ready to make stuffed peppers at midnight last night. The shots of the garden and the crackled plates and vintage servingware were beautiful.

Our only criticism of the show is that the recipes are not on the Food Network site as far as we could see. Jamie’s Spicy Pork and chilli-pepper Goulash looked amazing and we wanted the recipe right away. Luckily, we found it on the show’s UK site.

Please Food Network, can we have some more shows like this?