Jamie Oliver Has a Smart Tip for Perfect Roast Potatoes

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Mr Pics)

Roasting potatoes doesn’t seem like something that would require a degree from culinary school. Usually it’s a simple process of cleaning the spuds, dicing them, tossing them with oil and herbs, and then roasting them until they reach crispy perfection, right? Right. That’s what I thought too until I saw Jamie Oliver make his version, and I won’t lie — I learned more than a few tricks! Want to see how he makes the most magical roast potatoes?

In the video above, Jamie Oliver shows us how to make the very best roast potatoes three different ways. “If you think I’m going mad, it’s because I’m mad for roast potatoes,” Oliver says lovingly. He uses Maris Piper potatoes for his spuds and parboils them in salted water. Next up, he lets them sit in the strainer so the outside gets a chance to dry out a bit. Then he shakes them, allowing them to get their edges scuffed up, which makes for a perfectly crispy exterior.

Jamie Oliver prepares three different baking dishes with different kinds of fats and herbs. One dish has only olive oil, another has olive oil and butter, and then the third one has goose fat. The surprising addition to all three dishes, however, is red wine vinegar. “A little secret ingredient that I do, a swig of red wine vinegar. It will disappear and what’s left is a really subtle kind of tang. It just helps me make the perfect roast potato,” explains Jamie Oliver. So smart!

In true Jamie fashion, none of this is fussy — but it’s sure to bring a whole lotta joy to your next family get-together or regular weeknight dinner.

Have you ever tried using red wine vinegar to make better roast potatoes? Let us know in the comments!