Jacques Pépin Cooks Dinner for Six with $24


It’s easy to get a famous chef to sit for an interview about his latest restaurant or cookbook. But for this article in The Washington Post, the writer took Jacques Pépin shopping at the Giant supermarket to see what the 72-year-old French chef would buy and what he’d make. Get a link to the story, plus Pépin’s recipes, below…

We loved reading about Pépin weighing acorn squash and peeling away the brown leaves of a head of cabbage before tossing it into his cart. He didn’t have a menu planned when he went shopping. His philosophy: “Yes, I sometimes take the weekend and make something ambitious, but most days I go to the market, I see what looks good, I buy things, I come home and I cook. That’s it.”

He spent less than $24, which is why we were surprised when the meal (five courses) fed six people at The Post’s offices. He made short ribs, kielbasa with cabbage, baked apples, and sweet-and-sour acorn squash that sounded delicious. And when he sautéed some mushrooms, it was with wine from a bottle that cost $4.50.

Read the article, by Joe Yonan:

And get the recipes:

(Images: James M. Thresher for The Washington Post)