The Seasoning Starter Pack I’m Constantly Reaching for — It Makes Weeknight Meals a Breeze

published Mar 20, 2023
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Tacos being filled in skillet.
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman | Food Stylist: Cyd McDowell

I’m a proud home cook, and one of my favorite ingredients to use in the kitchen is time. I love slow-cooked meals — everything from braises to simmered soups — that draw out a depth of flavor that’s tough to get any other way. But sometimes (aka, most nights) I toss my fictional home chef whites into the laundry bin and cook toward the path of least resistance. I’m sure you can relate: I’m usually either beat from work, in a rush to get to the gym, getting drinks with a friend, or just plain lazy. For these nights, the absolute last thing I want to do is worry about a finicky roast or stand over a splattering pan while I sear a sofrito. Instead, I look to what’s quickly becoming my best friend in the kitchen: pre-made spice blends. And, the seasoning set I’ve been reaching for the most lately is from our pals over at one of my favorite online specialty stores out there,

Jacobsen Salt Co

The Seasoning Four-Pack Gift Set comes with four jars of Taco Seasoning, Ramen Seasoning, Seafood Seasoning, and Steak Seasoning — all made using a blend of pure Jacobsen Kosher or sourced Trapani sea salts and seriously high-quality spices. They’re also non-GMO, soy-free, and (I can attest) very versatile and delicious. Additionally, Jacobsen Salt Co. is extremely transparent about what they’re putting into the blends, with all of the ingredients listed right on the site. Before I even tried the set, I had a feeling I was going to be a fan — the brand has yet to let me down, and their Black Ginger Garlic Salt has become a staple addition to my culinary arsenal. 

Credit: Ian Burke

I recently gifted this pack to myself (thanks, Jacobsen Salt Co.!) and I’ve been a huge fan. I find that the taco seasoning has that classic cumin-heavy flavor and is better than pretty much anything I’ve gotten from the supermarket (yes, even Trader Joe’s) and has been a huge help on the nights when my girlfriend and I make taco bowls. The steak seasoning is pretty self-explanatory, and though I’m not a huge fan of seasoning my larger steaks with more than just salt and pepper, it’s perfect for skirt steak marinades (just add some oil and beer) and sprinkling on pretty much any other protein you could think of. I also can’t stop raving about how my last shrimp dish came out with the seafood seasoning — the paprika really shines here. But my favorite out of all of them is the ramen seasoning. It’s the ultimate savory secret weapon thanks to the inclusion of monosodium glutamate (aka MSG) which gives it that extra oomph to take your noodle dishes to the next level. 

Credit: Jacobsen Salt Co.

And, while the set makes a great gift for the upcoming holidays (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day — don’t forget!) it’s also just great to have on hand ahead of the warmer months of the year. You’ll use the steak, taco, and seafood seasoning during your daytime BBQs and the ramen seasoning for comforting bowls of soups on those chilly summer nights. 

With a perfect five-star rating on their site, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who’s a fan of the seasoning set. “These seasonings have become quite popular in our home. The ramen seasoning is our teen’s favorite and he tends to hide it so no one touches it,” one reviewer writes. “We eat salmon at least once a week, and the seafood seasoning is almost gone. I recommend this gift set for anyone who loves to cook and loves great flavor and taste.” So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the home chef in your life, an easy way to take the stress out of weeknight meals, or just a fun new addition to your spice cabinet, look no further than Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Seasoning Four-Pack Gift Set.