Jack Creek Farms: Templeton, CA

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Jack Creek Farms is a 5th generation family owned and operated farm. There used to be 21 small family farms in their neck of the woods in the Central Coast (between San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles) but now there are only three.

Joy B and her two daughters Becky and Mandy do all the work – and they’re the first to admit that staying the course is a struggle. But when you see their produce – they specialize in antique heirloom varieties – you understand why they stay committed to their passion.

For example, this year alone they planted over forty varieties of heirloom tomatoes and forty different kinds of squash, including the unusually beautiful Lumina pumpkin which has a ghostly white exterior, and a stunning orange interior flesh, which makes for a fun spooky effect when they are carved and a candle is placed inside.

Jack Creek Farms relies mostly on their you-pick, direct sales, so the next time you’re in the area, stop by. And if you’re lucky, Becky’s in their small commercial kitchen whipping-up something delicious, like Savannah sweet onion relish.

If you’re not anywhere near the area, you can still visit their website (www.jackcreekfarms.com) for recipes like Becky’s Butternut Enchiladas, Trail Ready Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, and Aunt Jani’s Backyard AppleTree Cake.