Ivonne’s Gutsy Renovation

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love when there’s great juxtaposition in a home. Mixing two opposing elements and styles typically ends up in an amazing merriment that is inspiring and interesting. Ivonne has reached that successful juxtaposition point in her Brooklyn apartment.

Ivonne renovated her Williamsburg apartment not too long ago and did a fantastic job. The original canvas is an old industrial building that actually went through some very trying times. The building was in peril and the tenants were facing the possibility of losing their apartments forever. Luckily the building fought back and was brought up to code and Ivonne was able to keep her fantastic apartment.

The renovated kitchen is obviously completely new. It’s unbelievably simple, but inspiringly smart. Its boxy nature ensures that everything have its place and there be no excess. The color palette falls right in place with the simplistic approach and we really appreciate that. A pale grey mixed with white, and long, narrow handles work perfectly together and help enhance the industrial-ness of the rest of the apartment.

She incorporated a dining nook into her living room that has a view anyone would be envious of. We can just picture ourselves sitting there, eating our favorite dinner and watching the bustle of the city from our quiet apartment.

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(Images: Laura Ocelli, Elizabeth Perrin, Geoff Bentz)