I’ve Been Eating Salad for Breakfast: Here Are My 5 Tips for Great Breakfast Salads

updated May 2, 2019
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I have a deep love and respect for breakfast. It helps wake up my brain, fuel my body, and gets things started on the right note. Food, or the absence of it, is so closely linked to my mood, that if I skip breakfast you might find me in tears by lunch. So with that in mind, it’s important for me to start my day off with something super nourishing. Lately this has meant a big ol’ hearty salad for breakfast.

Does this seem weird to you? Let me explain why this has been so awesome for me.

I, unlike my husband, am not a breakfast traditionalist. While I can get down with all of the usual breakfast fare, I do not limit the first meal of the day to eggs, bacon, pancakes, granola, or other breakfast-y things. I’ve been known to root through the fridge in the morning, dig out the remains of a ribeye steak, stand in my kitchen, and eat it cold off the bone. And while my husband might walk by and comment on how the scene is rather primal, I can’t help myself. I tend to listen to my body and feed it what it wants, even if it gets weird. Go with your gut, right?

And right now, my gut is all about the greens.

While I am totally cool eating a hefty Greek salad in the morning (I know, I know), I’ve also found ways to make my salads more breakfast-y. Maybe there’s room in this crazy world for the concept of a breakfast salad yet!

Here are some tips and some ingredients that I’ve been really enjoying on my morning bowl of greens.

Tips for Breakfast Salad

  1. Put an egg on it: Doesn’t an egg inherently make pretty much anything breakfast food? I think that’s a rule. I’ve been enjoying a soft-boiled egg over a well-dressed bed of kale. It does it for me.
  2. Add in some satiating fats: Avocado, goat cheese, and bacon — oh my! These things not only taste delicious, but they help wake up your brain and keep you full until lunch. Also, seriously … bacon.
  3. Change up your greens: There’s more than just romaine or spring mix when it comes to salad greens. Change it up. My favorites are spinach, arugula, kale, and shredded Brussels sprouts. Or heck, make it a combo. Mix and match. You’ll end up with a more nutrient-dense plate that way.
  4. Don’t ignore your leftovers: What did you have for dinner last night? Do you have any grilled or roasted veggies begging to be thrown into the mix? How about a lonely pork chop or piece of grilled chicken? Slice them up, throw them in, and let things get awesome.
  5. Everyone loves a little crunch: I love a salad that has some great texture. A little crunch from some nuts or seeds goes a long way. Shredded carrots or shredded broccoli stems also add a little crunch and pizzazz.

So, what do you think — totally crazy or totally delicious? Do you ever eat salad for breakfast, and if so, what do you top it with?

If you want the recipe for my salad pictured at the top of the post, you can find it here.

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