It’s Week 3 of the Love Your Kitchen Challenge!

(Image credit: Every Day with Rachael Ray)

Are you making your kitchen just a little bit better with the Love Your Kitchen Challenge? Week three here we come, and here are the tasks for this week from our friends at Every Day With Rachael Ray. Remember, follow them on Instagram and tag your completed challenges with #RRKitchenLoveSweepstakes for a chance to win $2500 (and a copy of The Kitchn Cookbook).

Love Your Kitchen Challenge: Week 3

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Monday, September 22: Zone out

  • Create a cooking zone—a space that holds your most-used items (like olive oil, garlic and salt) close to where you use them most: the stove!

Tuesday, September 23: Find your sweet spot

  • Your treat stash needs a home! Show us where you keep your candy, salty snacks and other crave-worthy goodies.

Wednesday, September 24: Pantry Staple Wednesday

  • Reorganize your stocked pantry so that ingredients you use together are stored together. Group items for Italian dishes in one place and Mexican recipes in another. Then, make a meal using one of your staples.

Thursday, September 25: Don’t fall flat

  • Find a new spot to store oversized items (like cutting boards and baking sheets) so they don’t take up too much drawer space. Try a large basket or stack them vertically on a shelf.

Friday, September 26: Pet show

  • Animals can make your kitchen an even happier place. Snap and share a photo of your furry friends in the heart of your home.

Saturday, September 27: Weekend project

  • Get out the drill! Add a new storage solution to your kitchen: hang a shelf on the wall, install a magnetic knife strip or put up a new pot rack.

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