It’s the Coziest Night of the Year!

(Image credit: Dana Velden)

It’s the longest night of the year tonight but darkness isn’t something to fear or avoid. I like to think of this night as the coziest night of the year, one where I light a lot of candles and don’t hesitate to turn up the heat a little. It’s a night to invite friends over for a cup of something hot and boozy and wear a pretty cashmere sweater, even if it isn’t a fancy gathering.

If you’re really into brightness and activity, then this coziest night is good news, for starting tomorrow the days will slowly be getting longer. Still, I like to think that the power of Solstice Night is not about chasing the darkness away with handfuls of glitter and jingle-jangle. For me, it’s more about embracing the darkness and the stillness and allowing more subtle ways of being to come forward: reflection and introspection, equanimity, quiet companionship. Solstice is a pause and an honoring of the fallow time when deeper work is happening.

I hope you find a way to incorporate Solstice into your holiday merry making. It doesn’t take much: maybe a candle or two, something warm to drink, and a simple, quiet moment spent turning inward. What you will find there is yours to treasure.

May you be well fed and cozy and may you know peace.

* * *

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