It’s Officially Spring: Let the Grilling Begin

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve already been invited to one cook-out in NYC in a lucky friend’s uptown backyard amidst his emerging daffodils and tulips. So spring is officially here.

Amber, down in Virginia, sent us the above photos of her season opener: grilling. Seems the pink powder-puff cherry trees got her in the mood:

“Makes a girl almost wanna fall in love or something. Actually, what it made me want to do was to tell Jimmy to sear some animal flesh above hot coals.”

Turns out, Amber and Jimmy eat together, but not the same dish: the “tasty steak” was his, and rosemary chipotle chicken, hers, plus a little macaroni and cheese for him and “a purty green salad” for her.

Send us your tales of outdoor cooking. And if you have a great recipe, share it.

Thanks, Amber!