It’s Friday. Time to Bring on the Crazy. The Ziploc Bag Jacket

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes there are just no words. I mean, this is… I don’t know. Amazing? Incredibly ingenious? Completely wacked out and hilarious? But hey, you have to admit it’s practical. Why carry a lunch bag when you can just wear one? All kinds of questions arise, though: does she match her snacks to her clothes? Does she follow the rule of style to ‘look in the mirror and take one thing off’ and take out one snack instead? The mind boggles.

We don’t know a whole lot more about this jacket (what’s its purpose? will it come soon to your local H&M?). But you can see a few more photos of it here: 

My Friend Diane Made a Zip Loc Jacket at The Wax Liam of Tumblr

And what would you do with a Ziploc jacket? 

Via Grist