It's Cleaning Time! Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Inspiration

It's Cleaning Time! Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Inspiration

Faith Durand
Apr 30, 2009

Your Kitchen Cure assignment this week is to clean up the kitchen and finish restocking, reorganizing, and doing whatever your kitchen needs to be ready to get cooking next week. Cleaning isn't the sexiest topic, but we still love to talk about it. A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen, so here are tips, ideas, and inspiration for getting it sparkling and fresh!

How to clean granite countertops, tips for cleaning cast iron, getting rid of odors, fighting fruit flies, and getting the floor really shiny, below.

Dishwashing and Care of Pots and Pans

Cleaning Scorched and Burnt Food Off Pots and Pans
How To Clean Rusty Cookware
Shayna De-Stinks a Vintage Kettle
Wear and Care of Your Pizza Stone
Good Question: How Do I Clean My Cast Iron Grill Pan?
How To Clean a Cast Iron Grill Pan
Good Product: Wine Glass Cleaning Brushes
Looking for a Space-Saving Dish Drainer
Cleaning Up: What Do You NOT Put in the Dishwasher?
On Leaving the Dirty Dishes Until the Next Morning

Food, Fridge, and Freezer

How TO Organize Your Fridge
How Long Can You Keep Opened Condiments?
Condiments and Expiration Dates: Pantry Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Appliances and Surfaces

Good Question: How to Clean Granite Countertops
How To Clean Granite Countertops - Best Cleaning Products
How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Floor?
Looking For One Good Mop
No More Mops: Cleaning the Kitchen Floor with a Sponge
Clean the Grill With an Onion
How Do You Clean Your Oven?
Our Adventures in Oven Cleaning
More Adventures in Oven Cleaning
How To Clean the Toaster
Are There Natural Oven Cleaners?
How Do You Clean a Stinky Dishwasher?
Hot or Not? Oven Liners
Good Product: Coffee Grinder Brush

Fighting Odors and Pests

Sniffing Out Kitchen Odors
Get Rid of Kitchen Food Smells
Keeping Baking Soda in the Fridge
Good Question: How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies! What They Are and How To Get Rid of Them
Tips: Repel Fruit Flies with Rue
Tip: Bay Leaves in the Pantry
Try This! DIY Air Freshener in the Crockpot

Cleaning Products and Good Tips

Sponge or Dishcloth?
Use a Loofah To Wash the Dishes
Good Product: Pop-Up Sponges
Good Product: Sascha Kaposi Soap Dispenser
Kitchen Cleanup: Mini Robo Vacuum
Reader Tip: Get Dishes Sparkling with Vinegar
What Brand of Dish Soap Do You Use?
Why Not? How To Go Paper Towel-Less in the Kitchen
Good Question: Earth Friendly Kitchen Trash Bags?
Is Your Kitchen an A, B, or C? Take the Los Angeles County Health Grade Test (and Get a Grade Magnet)
Kitchen Keeping: Most Memorable Advice?
Kitchen Keeping: Favorite Cleaning Product
Kitchen Cleaning Products: What Are Your Favorites?
Weekend Project: Clean Your Kitchen in Five Steps!

OK, show us your clean and shiny kitchens!!

Send Us Photos Of Your Kitchen Cure

(Images: Martha Stewart)

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