Is This Not the Best Chicken You’ve Ever Seen? (Her Name Is Izzy-Belle.)

published Oct 4, 2013
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Reader Pamela of the blog Sweet Peach wrote us today to share some “cute chickens” she recently photographed, and when I opened up the link, my jaw dropped. My friends, this chicken goes so far beyond cute. Here’s your dose of Friday chicken splendor.

This chicken, people, is a diva, and she is named Izzy-Belle, which seems to suit her glam style.

She’s a Japanese Silkie, a breed we’ve mentioned before, as they are the source of the black chickens sometimes seen on Top Chef and highly prized in Southeast Asian cooking.

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Izzy-Belle, says her owner Kara, is “meek like a melted bunny” and “a little on the dumb side.” (“Bless her heart,” Kara says, in true Southern fashion.) Kara also has to keep the chicken’s bangs trimmed, cutting hair away from her eyes so she can see.

But Izzy-Belle isn’t the only star of this flock — see the rest of these model chickens at Pamela’s blog:

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Do you keep chickens? Would you ever consider it? I never thought I would, but I’ve been mulling over lately.

(Image: Pamela Berger of Sweet Peach)