Is Trader Joe’s Open on Labor Day?

published Sep 3, 2023
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Raleigh, North Carolina USA-11 16 2022: Trader Joe's is a Specialty Grocery Store Chain Based in California.
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Summer is coming to a close, but before the kids head back to school and the chilly weather sets in, there is one more holiday left to celebrate. Labor Day is a holiday that goes hand in hand with grilling, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. 

Quick Overview

Is Trader Joe’s Open on Labor Day?

Trader Joe’s locations will be open for business as usual on Labor Day, which falls on Monday, September 4. Trader Joe’s will have all your pre-made favorites, but they might not carry every item on your shopping list, so keep in mind that there are plenty of other grocery stores that will be open on the holiday as well.

If you’re planning on hosting a Labor Day party, you’ve got your work cut out for you. From prepping the grill to setting up your outdoor furniture, having a barbecue is no small job. One of the biggest tasks on your to-do list is likely grocery shopping. Even if you get all of your shopping done in advance, you are bound to need to pick up a few things on Labor Day, whether it’s a jar of pickles or an extra watermelon, and when that happens your first thought will be, “Is Trader Joe’s open on Labor Day?” Don’t worry, because we have the same question and we tracked down the answer so you won’t have to.

When Is Labor Day 2023?

This year Labor Day will be celebrated on Monday, September 4, and the three-day Labor Day weekend will begin on Saturday, September 2. With origins dating back to 1882, Labor Day was declared a national holiday in 1894 when the then 30 states in the United States of America collectively celebrated the American labor movement. For more than 140 years, Labor Day, celebrated on the first Monday in September, has symbolized the hard work, contributions, and achievements made by American laborers throughout United States history. 

Is Trader Joe’s Open on Labor Day?

Because Labor Day is a federal holiday, there are a number of grocery stores and other retailers that will be closed on September 4 (like Costco!). However, Trader Joe’s will be open for business! Before heading out to pick up some grill-ready carne asada or broccoli slaw, be sure to check the hours of the location nearest to you, as not all Trader Joe’s locations operate on the same daily schedule. At Trader Joe’s, popular products tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to shop early if there are any must-have items on your Labor Day shopping list.

If there is no Trader Joe’s near you, there are still plenty of grocery stores that will have Labor Day hours. Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and many more will be open on Labor Day in case you need to pick up some last-minute ketchup or hamburger buns.