Is This the Universal Sign for Hard-Boiled Eggs?

Is This the Universal Sign for Hard-Boiled Eggs?

Kate Gagnon
Jan 6, 2014
(Image credit: Kate Gagnon)

Pop quiz: You open the refrigerator and spot three renegade eggs in the door, alongside a few sticks of butter and a jar of mustard. What kind of eggs are these?

If you answered hard-boiled, congratulations! Your brain makes sense to me. If you didn't, how do you tell which eggs are hard-boiled in the refrigerator?

A few months back, I sleepily wandered to the kitchen one morning to whip up one of my favorite weekend breakfast treats: perfectly sunny-side-up eggs smeared on wheat toast. With the coffee brewing and toast getting all toasty, the pan is sizzling with butter ready to meet a pair of fresh eggs. I grab an egg out of the carton and crack it on the side of a skillet. THUD. Confused, and admittedly still half asleep I try again, this time harder. CRACK. Sure enough, the egg shell cracks this time, but just barely. As I pry it open, I suddenly recall some episode of an extreme foods television show involving balut, a Filipino street food that I won't describe for fear of ruining your next three meals.

But just when I've prepared myself for some sort of nightmare egg situation, I realize this is actually a hard-boiled egg. Just a regular old hard-boiled egg.

Apparently, my roommate thought he was being careful by putting a few eggs strangely misplaced in the door of the refrigerator back into the carton. As it turns out, an egg in the door is not a universal sign for hard-boiled.

Nowadays, I've taken to marking my eggs with a smiley face or a hilarious note in light marker just to be sure. Not only is it mildly entertaining, but it will save you from having the most strangely disorienting breakfast experience! Plus, if you make eggs often, you could even mark these with the date cooked to ensure freshness.

(Image credit: Kate Gagnon)

How do you store your hard-boiled eggs?

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