Is This the Nutrition Label of the Future?

(Image credit: Sage Project)

Sam Slover is trying to reimagine how we look at food data with Sage Project. Unlike traditional food labels you know, this is an interactive app which deconstructs 20,000 fresh and packaged foods and makes the information you might find on a nutrition label — ingredients, calories, etc. — easier to understand. Instead of just providing you with raw data, the app wants to help explain what these things actually mean.

According to Wired, this is done by breaking down each food item into bite-sized infographics. On the app, each food item is given a page where you can find the most common ingredients in the item, an analysis of nutritional content, the exercise equivalent of that item, and a full list of ingredients and allergens.

You have the option of setting up a profile to use Sage Project, but it’s not necessary. If you do choose to sign up, however, you’re able to track the goals you may have related to nutrition.