Is This the Most Beautiful Latte You’ve Ever Seen?

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: @baristart)

Gorgeous latte art isn’t anything new, but it wasn’t until the rise of Instagram that things became serious. These days coffee shops and baristas can make their entire careers off of exploiting our love of Instagram, and we relish in this fact. There are baristas who can make a few classic shapes like flowers or hearts that you might have seen at your local coffee shop, and then there are baristas who can draw people into foam or use food coloring to create “unicorn” lattes.

But while a latte with your face on it is certainly nice, there’s one creation that is better than the rest; one latte that rules over all the other lattes. That latte is the pizza latte.

Now, compared to other images of latte art, this pizza latte from @baristart isn’t as complicated. The lines are a bit sloppy, and there are only two colors involved to get that signature pizza look. The creativity of this latte, however, makes it the most important latte on the planet. The pizza looks like it’s about to slide off the lip of the cup and straight into our hearts.

The creator behind the pizza latte, @baristart, has an entire Instagram account dedicated to his creations. Right now, he has over 67,000 followers on his account. Most of his creations include some kind of celebrity. He’s done everyone from Prince to Einstein. My favorite of his creations, however, are undoubtedly the food-focused ones. If you’re not so keen on the pizza latte, here are a few others that might impress you.

See more latte art: @baristart on Instagram

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