Is This the Future? 3D Printed Food from Foodini

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide )

What if instead of rolling out the pizza dough and adding toppings, it was done with a 3D printer? A new company from Barcelona, Natural Machines, is trying to make cooking just a little more digital. Originally the company was interested in just 3D printing for sweets, such as chocolate, but it since moved on to bigger fish, including common household meals like pizza.

The best things to make with the “Foodini”, as the 3D food printer is called, are foods that start out very malleable – like pizza, pasta, sauces, and soft veggies.

You provide the ingredients for the machine, and it “prints” the food out for you. The printer should be available sometime next year.

What do you think? Cooking appliance of the future? Or strange new world?

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