Are We All Using Trash Bags the Wrong Way? TikTok Thinks So.

published Dec 15, 2022
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Putting trashbag into trashcan

What’s your favorite way to put a bag in your trash can? Honestly, I can’t say I had a preferred bin-lining method until quite recently — to be precise, the moment I learned about this wildly viral TikTok hack that turned everything I knew about garbage bags inside out (pun very much intended). But, as it turns out, according to experts, there is no wrong way to put a trash bag in!

The creator, professional organizer Hannah Ian of Stored Simply, holds up a back of Hefty trash liners in the video and explains that the trash bag’s seam is actually inside out — implying the correct way to put your bag in the trash can isn’t by shaking it open.

Since the seam should go on the inside, she suggests turning the bag upside down, putting it like a “hat” on top of the trash bin, and then pushing the top of the bag downward. Sounds logical and convenient, doesn’t it?

What the Experts Say About Trash Bag Technique

Well, if anyone knows the “right” way to use a trash bag, it’s a trash bag manufacturer. The folks at Hefty chimed in on Twitter, and in spite of all the TikTok hype, they claim there’s no right or wrong way to line a trash can.

So while the hat method may be a more convenient way to put your trash bag in the can, it’s not necessarily the best way — and there’s probably no true “inside out” or “outside in.” 

If you do opt to try the hat method (which you definitely should), Hefty’s got a helpful tip to make sure you maximize space: Always make sure there’s room for any trapped air to escape your trash, so it’s easier to fill up your trash bag! You can do this by drilling a small hole in the plastic shell of your trash can near the bottom of the bin.

To settle the debate, the account put out a survey on the original tweet, and 66 percent of people said they use the open-and-shake method. I can’t say I’ll keep doing it that way. I didn’t realize how annoying the unnecessarily violent shake was until I tried the TikTok hack. The more you know!

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: TikTok Thinks We’re All Using Trash Bags Wrong, So the Experts Chimed In