Everything To Know About Target’s Figmint Line That’s All Over TikTok

updated Jun 21, 2024
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loaf pan, salt and pepper shaker, utensil holder, with wood and white utensils
Credit: Target

One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend morning is to do a few laps around Target with an iced coffee in hand. Yes, I’m legitimately out of laundry detergent (again), but I’m also there to sniff candles, grab a few wine glasses, and find a cleaning hack I didn’t know I needed. That’s actually how I discovered some of my favorite Target brands and products, like the Spritz customizable banner I trot out for every holiday.

So when Target launched a new line of kitchen items called Figmint last year, which covers everything from hardworking cooking utensils to problem-solving colanders, I had to see what it was all about.

What Is Figmint? 

Figmint is Target’s first owned kitchen line, which means it was developed by Target’s product design team and is exclusive to their stores and websites. The line includes more than 250 kitchen products that cover almost everything a home cook needs throughout the entire cooking process, from prep work all the way to cleanup. Target focused on creating a thoughtful, modern line that solves common kitchen problems (like an over-the-sink colander), fits with any kitchen (hello, chic salt and pepper cellar), and is affordable to boot, with most products priced between $3 and $10. 

Is Figmint a Target Brand? 

Yes, Figmint is a Target brand, exclusive to their stores and site. Figmint is actually the first Target-owned brand dedicated solely to kitchen products, which filled a niche previously covered by a variety of other owned brands. 

Target has more than 45 different private-label brands you’ve likely already seen throughout the stores. For example, Boots and Barkley is a line of pet accessories and clothing, Everspring is household essentials like detergents and candles, Hearth & Hand is designed in partnership with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and Market Pantry includes basic food items like eggs, milk, and bread.

What Does Figmint Sell? 

A better question might be, what doesn’t Figmint sell? Because the line has over 250 kitchen items, there’s just about everything. 

Cookware and Bakeware 

The Figmint cookware collection spans all the major materials: stainless steel, nonstick, and cast iron. There are enameled cast iron Dutch ovens, skillets, and braisers that come in pastel shades; sets of ceramic-coated aluminum nonstick cookware; and stainless steel pots and skillets with glowing reviews.

In terms of bakeware, there are a range of stoneware baking dishes for baked pastas and casseroles alike; nonstick muffin tins, sheet pans, and cake pans; and ruffled pie dishes, ramekins, loaf pans, roasters, and more. 

Kitchen Tools 

All manner of kitchen tools and gadgets are covered as well, and of course, in a range of materials. The collection includes utensils (like spatulas, spoons, and tongs) made from silicone that won’t scratch, acacia wood that’ll last years with care, and easy-to-clean stainless steel. Cutting boards also come in a variety of materials like end-grain acacia wood, recycled plastic, bamboo, and paper fiber. There’s also an impressively sharp mandoline with a safety guard, kitchen towels and potholders, a bench scraper, salad spinner, pastry brushes, and even a mortar and pestle. 

Food Storage 

Home cooks and bakers always have leftovers to save for the week, and luckily, Figmint includes a host of food storage options. There are plenty of clear glass and plastic containers with airtight lids, magnetic bag clips, colorful lidded bowls, and stoneware oil bottles and salt cellars. 


No kitchen is complete without a few quality small appliances, and the Figmint line delivers on this as well. They’re straightforward in design, and include a coffee maker, a toaster, an electric kettle, and a baker’s digital scale. 

Is Figmint Worth It? 

After testing a host of Figmint products ourselves and poring through other shopper reviews, we’re happy to report that yes, Figmint is certainly worth it. The items are very competitively priced compared to more high-end options, and they look darn good, too.

For any cookware, tools, or gadgets you need in a pinch, you can easily find it online or in the Figmint section at your local Target. Because items are so affordably priced, they’d also be great to send along with a college student or to quickly stock a new apartment. Some of the items, like ceramic nonstick pans, compare pretty exactly to ones at much higher price points, and because nonstick pans are also likely to eventually degrade no matter the price, buying one from Figmint makes the most financial sense. 

The Best Things to Buy from Figmint

1 / 11

Lifestyle Editor Quinn Fish loves using Figmint’s enamel braiser to make soups, fried rice, pasta, sesame noodles, and more. “It's super easy to clean — the white interior makes it easy to see how all of my food is cooking and where I may need to scrub a little extra when I clean it!”

She highlights that the size is great for tiny kitchens, too. “I've always wanted a 4- or 5-quart Dutch oven, but this size works just as well and takes up way less space. It's a perfect size for braising, boiling, reheating, and more.”

And speaking of space, there’s no need to figure out where to store the braiser after dinner. “The color is so chic that I leave it out on my stove because it looks so great,” says Fish. “I'd recommend it to anyone — especially as a gift!”

2 / 11

Editorial Shopping Director Jada Wong, was surprised by how much she liked Figmint's kitchen towel, because, well, how impressive can kitchen towels really be? “For just $3, this towel features a terry cloth on one side and a flat weave on the other side so it feels like you're drying your hands on a really soft bath towel,” Wong says. “The hanging loop fits over my Emtek Paxton knobs, and the generously sized towel is great for drying large serveware and doubling as a makeshift coaster, too.” There are lots of colorways and patterns to choose from, so that's the only hard decision you need to make about these kitchen towels.

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These stoneware salt and pepper cellars are perfect for those who like to pinch seasonings with their fingers while cooking. “These cutie little salt and pepper cellars are great on the counter as I'm prepping and cooking,” Wong confirms. “And they’re also great on the table for guests to help themselves during dinner, too.”

4 / 11

Ever get grossed out from draining pasta into a colander placed directly in the sink? This one solves that issue. “This ingenious stainless steel colander frees up my sink during prep,” Wong says. “It easily expanded to fit the width of my sink as I washed and drained fruit and veggies — the 7-quart capacity held a ton of food and the extendable arms didn't even buckle. There are little feet on the underside to provide extra airflow and drainage if you move the colander to the counter, which is actually where I keep it at all times because it's incredibly useful.”

5 / 11
was $35.00

If you’ve ever hosted a large gathering like Thanksgiving, you know how valuable a roasting set is. “This stainless steel roasting pan is surprisingly sturdy and great – especially for the price!” Wong points out. “It didn't warp in the oven even at high temps when glazing a ham, and it didn't buckle under the weight of a 16-ish pound turkey either. The rack is great at keeping food out of the liquid and drippings that run off, and the handles are generously sized so you're not trying to squeeze large oven mitt-covered hands into tiny little loops.”

6 / 11

Longtime bakers and newbies alike could always use a new set of nonstick gear, and Executive Lifestyle Director Charli Penn, agrees. “As I unboxed this set, I was instantly impressed with the overall quality of each piece (they felt substantial) and the matte gold color was absolutely beautiful," she says. "Baking utensils and tools don't often feel 'luxe,' but these did. They were very carefully wrapped too. I used the set almost immediately for all my Thanksgiving baking. I couldn't stop raving about the ease of use and the quality as I baked apple pies and homemade sugar cookies for my family. The set is stylish, functional, and appears to be great quality for the price — five stars, Figmint!”

7 / 11

An enamel skillet is an essential in anyone’s cookware collection. According to Penn, “This skillet is SOLID! It's so heavy and sturdy, and it sears and fries like a dream! I'm making cinnamon rolls in it next and if it's as easy as the last meals were, this will absolutely be my new favorite go-to skillet. Incredible quality for the very affordable price!”

8 / 11

“Another unbelievably chic set of quality kitchen tools from Target,” Penn says. “I was impressed with just how much function and style you get with this set — they feature ergonomic stainless steel handles, they're dishwasher- and heat-safe, and they look beautiful hanging from my utensil holders and hooks.”

9 / 11

If you’re looking to up your muffin baking game by getting a jumbo tin — as opposed to the teeny-tiny tins meant for cupcakes — Strategic Partnerships Manager April Song, says this one is it. "When I was browsing on the Target app, I came across the Figmint line and their bakeware checked off all of my qualifications — affordable, nonstick, and available in Gold as a finishing touch,” she says. “I've used it twice already to make muffins and it really is nonstick. I put parchment paper down as a precaution, but the scraps that got onto the muffin tin directly came off easily with soap and water with no soaking. I would buy it again and could see myself gifting the whole baking set as a housewarming gift.”

10 / 11

As I mentioned earlier, the nonstick coating on any ceramic pan will almost surely erode at some point, so I’m not of the opinion that it’s worth investing in fancy, expensive nonstick cookware. That’s where this little frypan set comes in. At only $30 for an eight- and 10-inch skillet set, these perform just as well as any of the more expensive versions, and I have yet to see the coating wear away.

11 / 11

I’ve wanted a mandoline for some time now, but because I wasn’t sure I’d use it consistently, I didn’t want to invest in a top-of-the-line model just yet. Luckily this mint-hued mandoline from Figmint does a stellar job at slicing pears thin for French toast and makes quick work of carrots and celery for a pot pie, and my pickled onions never looked so consistent. At this price, I’ll definitely be keeping this mandoline around for some time.