How Much Sugar Is In That? A Side-by-Side Look at a Few Common Foods

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

this revealing look at what 2000 calories looks like? Buzzfeed’s newest video compares the amount of sugar in a few common foods, like morning cereals and baked beans. Do the results surprise you?

It’s summertime and for some that may mean watching their sugar and fat intake a little more than usual. According to this recent video from Buzzfeed, muesli has more sugar than a pop-tart, and canned baked beans have more sugar than those sugar-laden energy drinks. Barbecue sauce also has a ton of sugar in it, and some light salad dressings actually have more sugar than their fuller-fat cousins.

Whether or not any of this surprises you, I think the real takeaway here is that knowledge is always a good thing. Will I still drink orange juice? Yes. Do I adore muesli in the mornings with my yogurt? Absolutely. But I think overall this is a good reminder to think about what’s in our packaged food and how easy it is to assume certain products are better for you when, especially as it pertains to sugars, it just might not be so.

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(Video: Buzzfeed)