Is Sriracha the Answer to Greek Yogurt Boredom?

(Image credit: Chobani)

When in doubt, add Sriracha. That seems to be the consistent refrain of the food industry when they are trying to come up with new flavors. And now the cult-favorite hot sauce has infiltrated another grocery store staple: Greek yogurt.

The Greek yogurt brand Chobani plans to introduce a new Sriracha-mango flavor of their “flip” line, which includes yogurt and toppings that you mix in. This is part of a larger flavor update scheduled for early 2016.

Buzzfeed reports that sales of Greek yogurt have slowed significantly in the past several years. So while people are still buying plenty of yogurt, they just aren’t buying quite as much as they used to.

Chobani is hoping that the savory-sweet combos (they are also introducing a chipotle-pineapple flavor and a PB&J flavor) will encourage people to eat yogurt throughout the day.