Is Salad Dressing Supposed to Be Tossed with Just the Lettuce or with Everything?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: Could you tell me when I make a salad, do I toss all salad ingredients in salad dressing, or just toss the lettuce in it?

Sent by Georgina

Editor: I like to think of salad dressing as the glue that binds all the elements of a salad together. It also adds seasoning to things that might not have much (if any) seasoning to start with, so I like to toss everything together.

Sometimes I save some nuts or cheeses to sprinkle on the top, but in general, dressing goes on everything! There are even some people I know who are fanatical enough to dress each salad ingredient separately to ensure everything is perfectly seasoned to their liking before they combine it all together.

Readers, how do you toss your salad?