Monster Energy Ham Is So Odd, I Wish It Actually Existed

published Nov 5, 2018
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(Image credit: MSPhotographic)

Last week on the internet I saw something that made me gasp. The below photo from the deepest part of your tastebuds’ nightmares was originally brought to you by Twitter user and Brandfire co-founder Adam the Creator (aka Adam Padilla), and was then shared by super popular online outlet First We Feast.

Although it may look just like it, this isn’t Monster Energy’s ill-advised new meat-based energy supplement, nor is it made fresh from an overly jumpy pork farmer’s livestock. It’s not real at all. It’s a very elaborate, well thought-out, and executed joke. Impressive.

Adam the Creator’s very popular Twitter and Instagram feeds are where the also very popular marketing exec (with a client list that starts with Kim K, no less) lets out his most fringe and funny ideas. In addition to Christmas season puns and latte ruminations, this idea of adding caffeine to meat is perfectly illustrated (and shared and reposted all over Twitter, Instagram and Reddit), and inspired odd responses worthy of the internet:

(That’s of the thousands of replies not consisting of the letters W-T-F or O-M-G.)

Some part of me wishes it were real, because I have so many more questions than a simple (perfectly designed) label could answer. Does the ham… taste like a Monster Energy drink? Is it just ham sprinkled with Monster Energy? (That is, caffeine?) Does it help with Extreme Sporting? Are all the athletes you endorse eating it? And, are they… okay?

I mean, adding caffeine to pork isn’t the most out-there idea if you think about it. We already live in a world that’s added energy supplements to beer, marshmallows, fruit snacks, and even soap. What’s wrong with getting a lil’ morning jolt ‘n’ Swiss instead of a coffee? (Don’t say “everything”.)

As of this writing, there’s been no response from Monster Energy, but after looking at their Twitter feed, the extreme part of their brand identity is front and center. (Half of their tweets involve people on wheels in mid-air). So, Adam’s joke might not be quite so far fetched, after all.