Is It Possible To Seal or Repair My Chipped Le Creuset Pot?

published Nov 2, 2010
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Q: Last night my beloved vintage Le Creuset (a gift from my husband’s grandmother to a family friend in the 1960s, and then, 40 years later, from that friend to us as a wedding gift) jumped off the stove and onto the floor, chipping the enamel and cracking the pot.

Because the chip is on the outside of the pot, it should still be fine to use, except for a (leaking) hairline fracture extending down from the rim of the pot almost two inches. Le Creuset’s lifetime warranty is no help, as the original owner has passed away, and I wouldn’t want a replacement anyway!

Is there any way to have a crack in cast iron professionally sealed in a food-safe way? Anyone know of a company that does this?

Sent by Erin

Editor: Erin, how sad! Now, we do know that there are many shops and locations that re-enamel sinks and tubs; perhaps one of them can also do a small job on a pot?

However, this MetaFilter thread also says that Le Creuset will repair the pot:

Readers, any advice? Any relevant experience?

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