Is It Possible to Pickle or Preserve Seafood?

published Aug 5, 2010
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Q: Dear Cooks in The Kitchn, it’s often that we pot jams or pickle vegetables. What about seafood? Often we can get lovely jars of seafood marinated in olive oil and herbs from Spain or Italy — is it possible to make them at home? If so, how?

With some fresh seafood bought locally, it would be awesome to be able to preserve them and flavour them in the same way.
Any ideas?

Sent by Deb

Editor: Deb, there are certainly a lot of recipes for pickled and lightly preserved seafood. Seafood is a low acid food, however, so actual canning is much trickier; here are some guidelines on this:

Safe Canning Procedures – At the University of Minnesota Extension.

But you can pickle seafood and keep it in the refrigerator for a relatively long time. Here are some recipes to consider:

Pickled Shrimp – (pictured above) At A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen.
Spiced and Pickled Seafoods – At the UC Davis Seafood Network and Information Center.

Readers, have you ever preserved or pickled seafood?

(Image: Kim Morgan of A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen)