Yes, You Can Get a Great Tan from Eating Carrots

updated May 2, 2019
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The folks across the pond at Bristol University have been doing some rather interesting testing, comparing the results of outdoor tanning to the improvement in skin tone you can get from eating certain foods. The results are fascinating! While the media tells us a rich tan from the beach is the most beautiful thing, this study found otherwise.

Ian Stephen, an experimental psychologist at Bristol, tells us that perfect skin tone is found naturally in chemicals called carotenoids, which are a natural pigment in over 600 plants. Steven focused specifically on beta-carotene from green and orange fruits and vegetables, and the effect that they can have in changing your skin tone.

Five-day trials were run between those who were on a “5-a-day” diet of beta-carotene rich foods, and those who spent a few hours out in the sun. His findings show that more people prefer the warm natural glow that develops from the food as opposed to the darker tan that results from sun exposure.

Which is a smashingly good thing if you’re as pale-skinned as we are! Huzzah!

Read more: You can read more about the story from The Telegraph and although its findings aren’t published yet, we don’t see any harm in adjusting your diet to include 5 servings of tasty orange and green veggies and fruits, especially since it’s summer!

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(via: Telegraph UK)
(Image: Flickr member ccharmon licensed for use by Creative Commons)