Is It Gross to Dab Greasy Pizza with a Napkin in Front of People?

Is It Gross to Dab Greasy Pizza with a Napkin in Front of People?

Ariel Knutson
Jul 8, 2015
Half of a greasy pizza slice in a box
(Image credit: Montypeter/Shutterstock)

Scenario: You and your friend both make or order pizza. You get your slices, and are about to chow down, when your friend whips out a handful of napkins and starts dabbing away at all the grease you hadn't even noticed. Soon, their plate is piled high with orange-stained napkins.

Are you still hungry?

I usually only feel the need to dab some of the grease off my pizza when I'm at those little hole-in-the-wall pizza shops in New York. You know, the cheap and delicious slice shops that are littered around the city. They always have those florescent lights and those super-thin paper napkins that come out of the metal canisters.

In these scenarios, I tend to dab a little of the grease away when I get pepperoni pizza or when the grease is literally dripping down my hand and I don't want to ruin all of my clothes. I try to do this away from other people, and I don't let the napkins pile up on my plate (because, ew). Instead, I just toss it immediately to get rid of the evidence.

No one needs to see those orange-stained napkins while they're eating. Pizza is going to be greasy, so if you're going to go at it with a napkin, try being a little more discreet.

Where do you stand? Do you dab your greasy pizza without abandon? Or do you hate seeing people pile on the napkins when you're about to chow down? Let's discuss.

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