Is It Custom? Or IKEA? A Swedish Architect’s Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We really loved the photos of this family kitchen. It was designed on a budget by Swedish architect Christine Albertsson, who owns a Minneapolis architecture firm with her husband. When they renovated their own kitchen, they wanted to do it on a modest budget but still honor their clean, modern aesthetic. So they turned to the Swedish flat-pack giant – but they added a few touches that make their kitchen look much more custom.

The two architects were trying to integrate a new, modern kitchen addition into their 1920s home. They used white oak, off-the-rack cabinets from IKEA, which really helped keeped their budget down.

But they had to make a few adjustments to help the design challenges of using non-custom cabinets. They recommend avoiding corner cabinets when at all possible, and to start with your cabinets as the first consideration. Make decisions about other appliances and additions after the cabinets are planned out.

We love the way it all turned out, and if you’re considering IKEA cabinets for your kitchen, it could be a very inspiring read.

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(Images: Country Home)