Is It a Tiger? Is It a Giraffe? It’s Dutch Crunch Bread (Tijgerbrood)!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever tried Dutch Crunch Bread? Inside, it’s a regular white loaf of bread, fluffy and chewy, but outside it has crunchy spots — like a tiger!

This bread originated in The Netherlands, but now it is also extremely popular in San Francisco and other parts of the West Coast. The crunchy topping of the bread (which is otherwise very normal bread in all respects) is made from a paste of rice flour and yeast, which dries as it bakes into crispy, yeasty patches of crunch.

The bread’s patches look like a tiger’s stripes, hence the name — but it is also sometimes called Giraffe Bread, Dragonette Bread, and Turtle Bread (speaking of which, check out these turtles made out of Dutch Crunch bread!).

Have you ever tried Dutch Crunch bread? Do you like it?

Get the recipe: Tijgerbrood/Dutch Crunch Bread at The Novice Housewife

(Image: The Novice Housewife)