Are Granite Countertops Almost Over? This Report Says Yes.

Are Granite Countertops Almost Over? This Report Says Yes.

Alyssa Longobucco
Feb 23, 2017

Once we all seemed to get over Formica, granite took over as the ever-present top pick for kitchen counters. For years now, it's been making its way into renovations, new builds, and even apartment makeovers. But now, the telltale speckled look just might now be ... dare we say it? Dated. According to The National Kitchen & Bath Association, there's a new Big Cheese in the house: quartz.

Otherwise known as engineered stone, the installation of quartz is on the rise and granite is becoming less popular.

(Image credit: House of Jade Interiors )

What is it?

To create engineered stone, ground-up quartz is combined with a binder like resin in a 90/10 ratio. It's then molded into slabs that can vary in size and thickness. Coloring and marbling can also be added during the manufacturing process, making it almost infinitely customizable.

What's to like about it?

Tons! Contractors and interior designers are turning more to the stone for its luxe marble or soapstone-like appearance and variety of finish options (it can come smooth and shiny or honed or pitted like concrete), while homeowners are drawn in by its more affordable price point (compared to a natural stone like marble) and its durability.

Because the engineered stone is non-porous, you don't have to worry over typical countertop woes like etching, stains, cracks, chips, or even mildew and bacteria. To clean, you can simply wash it down with soap and water or a mild detergent. And there's no need to seal or reseal it throughout its lifetime.

Perhaps the biggest perk of this new countertop trend? Accessibility. Quartz countertops are easy to source and purchase on your own, making them ideal for DIY-ers or home renovators (no need to send an expert out to the stone quarry for you!).

Do you have quartz? Granite? Something else?

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