Is Chocolate Your Very Favorite Thing, Like Ever?

published Mar 29, 2013
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A Visit with Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, Oregon

As Dessert Week draws to a close (aren’t you sorry to see it go? We are!) let’s talk about chocolate for a moment. Chocolate inspires the most passionate responses — I know people who say, hyperbolically, that they could not live without chocolate, that their ultimate dessert is a wedge of the darkest chocolate cake imaginable. But chocolate doesn’t really do it for me; I like it in small amounts or swirled with peanut butter. What about you? Is chocolate the best thing ever, or could you take it or leave it? 

My mother-in-law is allergic to chocolate; my best friends can’t get enough of it. I don’t feel like other dessert flavors inspire such polarized responses (caramel, vanilla — pretty well-loved, right?). 

Chocolate’s dark and bitter notes, and the way its tangy acidity can take over a dish, can keep me from embracing it fully at times. What about you? 

If you’re one of those unabashed, whole-hearted chocolate addicts, what’s your method of delivery? Straight-up chocolate bars? Chocolate cake? Brownies? What’s your favorite chocolate dessert? 

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(Image: Leela Cyd Ross)