Everything To Know About Anyday’s Microwave Cookware — Including Its Cyber Monday Deals

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I am always looking for ways to make meal prep easier, whether it’s bookmarking quick and simple recipes, or using versatile cookware and gear that can make prepping and cooking go by faster. Unfortunately I also have a small kitchen, so as much as I love having the newest kitchen appliance, I’m not going all in unless I’m sure I have the space — sorry to all the air fryers I’ve loved, but didn’t have room for.

Quick Overview

What’s so great about Anyday?

You can maximize your microwave with Anyday’s microwave cookware. The heat-resistant borosilicate glass bowls and dishes have vented lids to help you safely cook entire meals, not just reheat leftovers. Be sure to shop its Cyber Monday sale for 20% off sitewide, plus 30% off orders $200+.

Somehow, Anyday’s cookware accomplishes all of those things that I’m looking for with its line of microwave cookware, which explains why I have several sets. It goes beyond being just microwave-safe — this is cookware that you can use to cook full meals (yes, full meals!) in the microwave, instead of on the stove or in the oven. The goal is to free you up to do other things by streamlining how you cook your food, providing tons of versatility and keeping your counters free of uni-tasking appliances. While the cookware might not truly eliminate the need for your Dutch oven or slow cooker (nothing really will!), they do serve multiple functions, making things much simpler and more efficient. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Anyday, plus some of our favorites.

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What is Anyday? 

Anyday makes microwave cookware that you use to actually cook in the microwave, so you’re able to get more use out of the appliance. The cookware looks like dishes and bowls, and includes lids with valves. The lids and body of the dishes are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and the lids also include a silicone seal and microwave-safe stainless steel.  

If you want to use Anyday cookware in the oven, the dishes are oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the lids are oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyday is also fantastic for freezer storage, meal prep, and leftover storage. 

The company sells the cookware in bundles so they cost less than buying individual pieces a la carte (which is what I did), although you also have that option if you’d like. There are also freezer trays for smaller portions, and accessories like oven mitts and carrying cases.  

Is Anyday cookware microwave-safe?

Yes, Anyday cookware is designed specifically for the microwave so pieces are microwave-safe. That being said, the brand definitely recommends following the “Getting Started” directions to make sure you set your microwave at the optimal power level and learn the ins and outs of the cookware before attempting an entree in the microwave.

How do I use Anyday cookware in the microwave? 

Anyday has lots of instructions on how to use their cookware, and one that you definitely shouldn’t overlook is the steam valve on the lids. There is a valve on the top of the lids which needs to be lifted up in the released position to allow steam to exit the container as food cooks in the microwave. As another layer of safety, make sure to keep the lid an inch or more away from the wall of the microwave to prevent sparking. 

When you’re storing food in the cookware, that same valve needs to be pushed down to keep everything fresh and, well, contained. 

Can Anyday cookware really go in the oven? 

Yes, the glass dishes can go into an oven up to 500°F and the lid is fine up to 400°F. Because the dishes are glass, they should not go on the stovetop or on a grill. However, they can go into the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. I honestly wouldn’t think these products were worth it if they couldn’t go in the dishwasher, even if they were the greatest cookware I ever owned, so that’s a relief. 

What can you cook in Anyday cookware?

You can cook many different things in the Anyday cookware. The website gives lots of tips and tricks for simple one-ingredient recipes like vegetables and rice as well as more complex dishes with meat, eggs, and other ingredients that you don’t typically associate as microwave-cooked. 

Because it can be hard to transfer over recipes that are designed to go in the oven or stove, they provide lots of “magic recipes” that break down the correct portions and cook times to keep everything safe from an internal temperature standpoint and to keep the products working their best. 

Does Anyday have any Cyber Monday sales?

Yes, Anyday is currently running a Cyber Monday sale with 20% off everything across the site, and 30% off orders $200+. It’s the brand’s biggest sale of the year, so it’s worth stocking up if you’ve been eyeing the cookware.

Is Anyday cookware worth it?

If you’re a heavy microwave user or just want to start using your microwave more often, Anyday cookware would be a good fit for your lifestyle. The glass construction is comparable to other high-quality glass containers, but the difference with Anyday is that the lids can also go in the microwave and even the oven; even though you can’t use them at the same high temps as you would a regular roasting or baking tray, this still gives you much more versatility than other cookware. Anyday’s pieces are also quite attractive compared to other containers, and the borosilicate glass is durable and can last years. 

What to buy at Anyday

1 / 5
was $160.00

Anyday has a short quiz to help you figure out which products are best for your lifestyle based on who you are (I checked the “busy parent” box), your budget, and how you feel about microwave cooking (“for fun” and the middle ground, I clicked “microwave curious”). When I was first shopping Anyday, I was recommended The Everyday Set, which happens to be one of its best sellers. It comes with a Large Deep Dish, a Large Shallow Dish, a Medium Deep Dish, and a Medium Shallow Dish. This set is probably the most versatile of what Anyday offers because of the variety. The larger dishes are good for entrées or bigger sides, and the medium ones are good for small sides, food storage, or if you’re cooking for two.

2 / 5
was $60.00

If you already have a set, The Extra-Large Dish is a good add-on. It holds 12 cups of food, yet still fits nicely in a standard microwave, which is something that larger casserole dishes can’t usually boast. As soup season is upon us, this is a great dish for large, comforting meals. It’s also a good size for holiday potlucks, whereas the smaller dishes might not hold enough to feed a crowd.

3 / 5
was $154.00

If you know you’re making portions for small people or, as is often my case, serving as a bit of a short-order cook due to dietary restrictions, The Parent Bundle would be a good starting point. It includes the Medium Deep Dish, Medium Shallow Dish, two Small Dishes, and two Freezer Trays, one with 1/2 cup and one with two tablespoon-sized cups. This is the set I started with and I appreciated the smaller dishes, which held the right amount of food for lunch for myself as well as the last bit of leftovers after dinner. I use the freezer trays less often but if I had younger kids and made my own soft foods such as applesauce or wanted to freeze small portions, I’d use these a ton more.

4 / 5
was $40.00

I currently most often use The Small Dishes, either as freezer storage, meal prep storage, or leftover storage. I’ve also used them to make some of the Anyday dessert recipes for one. I was an early adopter of the mug brownie, and the Small Dishes are perfect vessels for evenly cooked single-serve desserts.

5 / 5
was $200.00

If you know you’re going to be making larger recipes and usually end up with leftovers or want to pack and store smaller portions, it’s worth it to go for The Complete Set which includes small, medium, and large dishes. The more you bundle, the more you save, so if you’re going all in on the Anyday way of life, this set is probably worth the investment.