Is Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” Really Coming Back?

published Nov 2, 2016
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It’s been nearly five years since Good Eats went off the air. Five whole years filled with other food TV shows trying to make up the difference and frankly just not making the cut. That’s why when Alton Brown hinted at its return a couple weeks ago on Instagram, the internet collectively started freaking out. This past weekend Brown posted an hour-long Facebook video explaining what his new “internet venture” is all about.

In the video, you’ll learn that Alton Brown is stepping away from Cutthroat Kitchen so that he can focus on other ventures. The internet project he alluded to will be a cooking show that is basically a sequel to our beloved Good Eats. It is literally going to be called A Cooking Show. The show will be done entirely online so that Brown will have more freedom to do what he wants and be able connect more with the audience.

The rest of the video Alton Brown asks the audience what they want to see on his new internet show. He also talks about a couple other projects that he’s been thinking about, including doing a late-night variety show on The Food Network, and writing a weight loss book.