The Secret for Extra, on-Demand Counter Space Lies in Your Laundry Room

published Nov 23, 2021
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Credit: Minette Hand

By now, your Thanksgiving menu is set, the wine has been selected, you’ve done most of your grocery shopping, and you’ve managed to find time to clean up the house. Which means it’s almost time for the actual day of celebration.

As you prepare your Thanksgiving meal this holiday, we’re guessing counter space might be in short supply. Because, even the biggest kitchens never seem to have enough space. And after maybe missing the holiday last year, you might have plans to go all out this year. What can you do? Where can you put all these wonderful dishes as you’re working on getting everything ready? We’ve got a really smart and useful answer for you! Ready to find out what it is?

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Taking inspiration from a clever kitchen hack from a Food52 member who goes by vvvanessa, we suggest looking to your laundry room for that extra space-creating, I-need-it-in-a-jiffy solution! Yes, it’s your ironing board. You might be saying, huh, what? Allow us to explain.

Credit: Sarah Crowley
See, extra countertop space in an instant!

While an ironing board may be too wobbly to use as an actual workspace, it’s a super quick solution you can use to create on-demand counter space to let your dinner rolls rise or allow your pumpkin pie to cool. It also works to hold a bowl or two as you clean off your counter for the next cooking project. Plus — here’s the best part — an ironing board’s surface is designed to withstand heat, so it can be safely used to hold a piping-hot baking sheet or a rack of cooling chocolate crinkle cookies. All you need to do before you use it is take off the ironing board fabric cover to avoid any messy mishaps (seriously, who wants to iron their clothes on a cranberry-stained ironing board?). And then, voilà! There you have it: instant makeshift counter space. One note of caution — if you have small children or active pets, be sure to keep them away from your impromptu countertop to avoid any disasters.

Once you’re done prepping, baking, and cooking, simply slip the ironing board’s fabric cover back on and fold the whole thing up before guests arrive. Your guests will be amazed at all of your festive hard work — and be none the wiser at the brilliant tricks you used to make it all happen.

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Do you have other quick, on-demand solutions for busy holiday cooking? Tell us in the comments below, and we might just write about your solution.