Now Might Be the Time To Finally Buy a Roomba (They’re on Major Sale!)

updated Mar 15, 2021
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Credit: iRobot

Spring, is that you? In addition to budding trees, Easter egg hunts, and the promise of warm weather, this time of year holds another meaning for many of us: spring cleaning. And just because we’re spending more time at home, that doesn’t mean we have more time to spend cleaning. If you’ve hesitated to buy a robotic vacuum due to the price point, now’s your chance to invest in a totally hands-free gadget that lets you carry on with your day, whether you’re working from home, or struggling to keep up with the inevitable impact that extra foot traffic can have on carpeting or floors. And, just in time to help you sweep away the cobwebs (or pet hair! or dirt!) from your home, iRobot is having a massive sale that includes their time-saving line of Roomba robotic vacuums and Braava mops. Until March 27, you can save up to $250 on iRobot floor care bundles and up to $50 on iRobot floor care products when you use the code SPRINGCLEAN at checkout. There’s truly a Roomba for every home, whether you have a carpeted living room, tiled kitchen, hardwood floors, or a combination of all three! We’ve rounded up a few of the best deals from the iRobot sale below.

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The iRobot Roomba i3 uses sensors to map the layout of your home, and navigates to clean across edges, into corners, and under furniture. The machine’s multi-surface rubber brushes flex and stay in contact with your floors and carpets, and a high-efficiency filter traps dust and allergens. The i3 is also a great pick for people who suffer from allergies or have pets since the AllergenLock vacuum bags have 4 layers that trap up to 99 percent of pollen and mold. You can set the vacuum’s cleaning schedule on the machine itself, or via the iRobot HOME app or voice assistant. When the vacuum is running low on batteries, it automatically returns to its charging dock and resumes where it left off.

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Kitchen floors see some of the most traffic in the home, and therefore, sticky and crummy messes. Rather than drag out a bucket of water and a mop every time you have a spill, iRobot’s Braava can do the work for you, and can both mop and sweep using microfiber cleaning cloths. iRobot’s iAdapt technology knows where in your home the sweeper has been, and efficiently cleans large spaces with hard floors such as wood, tile, and stone. The Braava can use dry or damp cleaning pads, or one of iRobot’s pads that can be filled with a cleaning solution if you’re tackling a large area. The 380t is controlled via a menu of buttons on the back of the unit, and automatically recharges on its dock when the battery is running low.

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The Braava m6 is a step up from the 380t, and contains an internal cleaning solution tank that can be programmed to mist onto your floor prior to mopping or sweeping. You can control whether the vacuum mops or sweeps using manual controls or the iRobot app, and program it to run when you’re asleep or in the next room working. The low-profile design of the m6 can fit under kitchen cabinets to effectively clean stuck-on grime, spills, crumbs, or tracked-in dirt. Customized Keep Out Zones can be set, so the mop knows to steer clear of sensitive areas like play areas if you’ve got kids at home, or your pet’s water bowl.

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The Roomba 694 is a great vacuum for anyone new to hands-free cleaning, or who doesn’t need too many bells and whistles. The 694 will run for up to 90 minutes on a full charge and uses the same mapping technology as the i3 to learn and remember the layout of your home and surfaces. Using iRobot’s patented Dirt Detect technology, the vacuum senses areas that have more dirt, dust, or pet hair, and spends more time to make sure they’re left sparkling clean.

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If you want to automate the cleaning of your home top-to-bottom, you can save up to $175 when you buy this Roomba/Braava bundle. Consider placing the units in two separate areas of your house (the Braava in your kitchen, the Roomba in your living room, for example), and each of them will do their job sweeping, mopping, and identifying areas in your home that are in need of a deep clean. Both units will return to their self-charging bases between uses and can be programmed to operate on staggering schedules.