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I Tried the Reddit-Famous Invisible Banana French Toast and, Honestly, It’s Brilliant

published Feb 5, 2023
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Invisible Banana French Toast served on plate with syrup and butter
Credit: Grace Elkus

Similar to how I pick out wine bottles based on their labels, I’m much more likely to cook something if it has a catchy name. Bumpy cake? Sign me up. Crash hot potatoes? I must know more immediately. 

So when I came across a post by u/meatzilla on the Old Recipes subreddit titled “The Invisible Banana French Toast,” I knew I’d be trying it ASAP — especially because the accompanying photo looked like some sort of comic strip. What’s an invisible banana, what does it mean for French toast, and are superheroes involved? I couldn’t wait to find out. 

How to Make the Invisible Banana French Toast 

After reading the post more carefully, I learned the recipe was originally published in a 1981 issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Specifically, it was part of a mini DC comics cookbook insert, which included recipes such as “Mild Mannered Burger,” “Vegetable Robots,” and “Flash’s Quick Apple Crisp” (I’ll be trying that one next).  

In the French toast comic, Batman is confused why he can taste banana in his French toast, but can’t see it. Robin then explains that the banana is in the batter! Making it is simple: Blend half a sliced banana with one egg and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Pour the batter into a bowl, drench three slices of whole-grain bread in the batter, then fry in oil or butter over medium heat until brown. Serve with maple syrup, applesauce, or yogurt. 

Credit: Grace Elkus

My Honest Review of Invisible Banana French Toast

As soon as I saw whole-grain bread on the ingredient list, I was skeptical. I’ve always made French toast with challah. But I’m pleased to report that I was quickly proven wrong — the banana flavor paired perfectly with the nutty whole-grain bread. It was like a more wholesome, less decadent version of the classic, with just enough richness from the butter and sweetness from the syrup. I think it would be extra delicious topped with toasted walnuts. 

If you’re looking for rich, custardy, banana-flavored French toast, you’d be better off making it with thick slices of banana bread. But if you’re open to a lightened-up twist that’s great for busy weekdays, I highly encourage you to give the Invisible Banana version a try. Plus, it’s a fun, creative solution to a single overripe banana. 

If You’re Making Invisible Banana French Toast, a Few Tips  

  • Double the recipe, if needed. Although the recipe says it yields three pieces of French toast, I barely had enough batter for two. If you’re serving two people, you’ll want to double the recipe, which also means you can use up the whole banana. 
  • Amp up the flavor. The ingredient list is similar to the famous 2-ingredient banana pancakes, which means a lot of the same mix-in suggestions apply. Add vanilla extract or honey to the custard, or top your stack with fresh fruit or granola. 

Have you ever made Invisible Banana French Toast? Let us know in the comments!