The Standing Spreader Knife: Could This Be the Smartest Invention Ever?

The Standing Spreader Knife: Could This Be the Smartest Invention Ever?

Cambria Bold
Mar 15, 2013

You see the picture, so I don't need need to explain what this is, but I'm going to anyway. A standing knife. I repeat: a standing knife. In other words, a knife that doesn't leave a mess of peanut butter or jam or cream cheese all over your countertop. The future is here, people. 

I should be clear and say that this is really a spreader knife, not a regular dining knife. (Although I am getting a kick out of imagining the look on my friends' faces if they came to dinner and sat down at a table with 8 standing knives!) And as much as I think "awesome!" when I see this, I'm aware that other people may look at it and think it's a little ridiculous, especially when they hear about the $28 price tag.

But I maintain that it's genius. I feel like it's now an unthinkable part of my peanut-butter-eating routine to wipe down the countertop when I'm done because I've inadvertently made a mess. So to me the standing knife says, stop. Relax. Enjoy your peanut butter or your spreadable cheese. I'm just gonna hang out here, all upright and non-messy, a stainless steel stalwart.

Buy it! Standing Knife, $28 from The MOMA Store

Now I have to know: what do you think of the standing knife?

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(Image: MOMA Store)

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