Crêpes in a Bowl: A Surprisingly Quick and Easy Hot Breakfast

Breakfast can get a little wacky in the fall. School schedules are in full swing, new work routines are on the horizon, traffic has picked up —and breakfast can seem like a chore. Anything besides cold cereal is clearly reserved for weekend fare. Or is it?

I’ve long been a fan of crêpes, but I always associate them with slow Sunday mornings at home — not necessarily an easy, quick preparation. Except that they are. Crêpes are really just comprised of a quick batter made of flour, eggs and milk; since they are very thin they cook quickly and evenly and are the perfect vehicle for sweet and savory toppings alike.

But I, for one, don’t often turn to stovetop cooking when the weekday mornings become harried. So why crêpes? First thing’s first: the batter is a cinch to make, and you can even throw it together the night before, so the morning of you’re simply heating up a pan and spooning a ladle of batter into it — almost as quick as pouring a bowl of Cheerios, no? Second, you can even cook off the crêpes ahead of time, so on busy weekday mornings, you’re simply warming them in a low oven (or microwave), filling them with jam, peanut butter, melted cheese, fresh fruit — whatever you fancy—and getting everyone (or just yourself) on their way.

What I loved about this recipe from Turntable Kitchen is the messy ease of serving: simply fold a few crêpes over and serve them in a bowl with some seasonal berries and a little crème fraîche or yogurt. It doesn’t need to be a fancy production or a verifiable weekend feast; it can simply be a few crepes in a bowl with some jam — something different that feels far more special than a bowl of cereal but doesn’t have to take much more time to prepare.