Introducing: Keg Wine!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This past week alone, I’ve eaten at two very different restaurants that featured “wine on tap” listed on their Wine & Spirits menu. One called the option “keg wine” while the other referred to it as “wine by the glass.” So what exactly is keg wine?

If you haven’t noticed this option yet at your favorite restaurant, you might soon: wine-by-the-glass programs are growing in popularity because they prevent the wine from being exposed to oxygen, thereby guaranteeing a fresh pour each time. Restaurants tend to like the eco-friendly nature of the decision as it obviously cuts down on glass bottle usage and, for some, presents an easier storage option.

But the real question is: how does it taste? Would you know the difference? The truth is that you really wouldn’t. For some, keg wine still carries a bit of a stigma as some diners see it as lower-quality or are just baffled by the concept. We’d like to know if you’ve tried keg wine: Could you tell the difference?

(Image: Flickr Member thrasymedes licensed for use under Creative Commons)