Introducing… Faith Hopler

Today is the big day, folks! (No, I didn’t have the baby yet.) We are introducing our new editors! I am thrilled to bring you four fabulous writers from all around the country who will be helping me, on a daily basis, keep the spirit of The Kitchen nourished, and giving it more of a national perspective.

It is my absolute pleasure to bring you:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Faith Hopler lives in Orlando, Florida in an apartment with way too many books. She will serve as an at-large editor, and of course, when appropriate, will cover issues pertaining to the culinary scene in the South East (get your Key Lime recipes out!).

When she’s not writing for The Kitchen, she develops educational technology. She has a background in writing, project management, web development and nonprofit work.

“I became passionate about food and cooking because I realized they and their companion, the art of hospitality, are so central to our lives – spiritually, politically, relationally. Of course, that was also right around the time I realized that I couldn’t live on cheese and fudge pops and the words “freezer burn” entered my vocabulary.”

Welcome, Faith!