Interweb Cookery: Rude Boy’s Fish Pie

This great little cooking video is the perfect transition from our June theme of Eating and Cooking Outdoors to our July theme of Escapes. Here bad boy Aaron Craze (complete with his adorable multi-stars neck tattoo) shows us an easy and delicious recipe for fish pie made entirely on a seaside beach in England.

Most Americans won’t jump for joy over fish pie and maybe a few Brits might not either, depending on what they’ve experienced. But here this homey, classic English dish is fancied up with pancetta, fresh salmon and prawns, and finished with a nice dollop of creme fraiche. Other contemporary touches include fennel in the form of bulb, seeds and fronds, and serving it up in a potato skin.

I’m not so sure I would attempt this on a beach, although the beautiful soft grey and blue beach colors and long shots of the seashore in this video do make that tempting. I’m sure this would translate well to any backyard barbecue or home kitchen.

• The complete recipe is here, along with a convenient recipe converter for those in need of grams to ounces conversion. Star tattoo is optional… but cute!