Genius Person Turns Their Instant Pot into R2D2 from Star Wars

updated Sep 10, 2019
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Credit: Geoffbernier / Reddit

The Instant Pot — that beloved all-in-one rice cooker, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker that we all swear by for cooking just about everything — has a certain simple, un-iconic look to it. Utilitarian, you could say. That means that it blends in well with just about every kitchen, which is good, because the Instant Pot is pretty large and often needs to live on the countertop. But as Reddit recently discovered, those who don’t want to settle for the ordinary can not only spruce up their Instant Pot with custom-made wraps on Etsy, but they can also make them out-of-this-world by turning them into little R2D2s.

Redditors are going wild for this R2D2 wrap, and it makes a lot of sense. It’s definitely one of the best custom wraps that this Etsy seller offers, because it incorporates the natural shape and mechanical parts of the Instant Pot into the whole look. The store, InstantWraps, also offers a whole slew of different versions, including a lovely BB8 one to go with R2D2, for the full Star Wars collection.

“I would use my Instant Pot more if it looked like this,” notes one user. “Yes, you are the droid I am looking for,” jokes another. But most of the thread is just people admitting that they immediately purchased one of the Star Wars-themed decorations for their favorite kitchen appliance. 

If Star Wars isn’t your thing, though, the shop offers more than 100 different wraps, most priced at $15 Canadian, in tons of different colors, patters, and themes, plus the option for $54 Canadian to get one entirely custom made for you. Day of the Dead sugar skulls, football, flamingos, pleasant beach scenes, lemons, chile peppers, you name it — this shop has just what you need to make your Instant Pot the star of your kitchen. Or, at least the visual star (it’s probably already the culinary star). You can check them all out here.