Only True Instant Pot Fans Will Carve Their Pumpkins This Way

updated Oct 15, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of kalitarios

Instead of using your Instant Pot to make some pumpkin purée, maybe this Halloween you want to use a pumpkin to make an Instant Pot? The Instant Pot community on Reddit is a committed bunch, but user Kalitarios just took their love of the kitchen appliance to spooky new heights by posting a little Halloween craft: “The all new Instant Boo Pumpkin Edition.” That’s right — this Halloween the scariest thing on the stoop is nothing more than someone’s eerie love for a countertop cooker.

There’s been plenty of talk about how to decorate your Instant Pot to look like something else (R2D2, for example), and we know people have celebrated Christmas with their Instant Pot ornaments and birthdays with an Instant Pot cake, but the Instant Pot madness has arrived for Jack-o-Lanterns now, and it’s pretty impressive. 

The pumpkin pot is painted black at the top and the bottom to imitate the black of the Instant Pot casing, while the silver of the pot itself is ignored in favor of leaving the pumpkin’s natural orange color. But the façade of the interface is silver, with “Instant Boo” painted to reflect the Instant Pot wordmark. Then each of the buttons is made from carefully slicing a round hole from the pumpkin and inverting it so the matte meat of the pumpkin, rather than the shiny skin, faces out. But they’re not labeled with the normal settings of the appliance — instead, there’s a choice of which spookster you want to conjure up. There’s ghost, scream, scare, black cat, spooky, witch, candy, spider, and, of course, both trick and treat. 

No matter what you press, though, the screen won’t change (oh, wait, that’s the actual scariest part for an Instant Pot owner, right?): It’s permanently set to “Boo.”