An Exclusive Sneak Peek on the Very Best, Most Magical, Super Amazing New Instant Pot

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

We have been waiting to share this news with you guys for weeks (ever since Kitchn got an exclusive, behind-closed-doors meeting during the Home + Housewares show last month). And now, our friends over at Instant Pot have given us (and ONLY us!) the green light to share. Here. Goes.

By summer, Instant Pot will release its newest model: the MEGA. And it has six new features that will totally change how you use the small appliance. “This is a Jack-of-all-trades kind of pot,” says Robert Wang, the founder of the machine and the CEO of Instant Brands Inc. “As always, we looked to the valuable feedback of our consumers and set out to develop the most innovative multitasking pot available. Truly, this innovative cooker is a wonderful new appliance in the Instant Family of household products that will revolutionize the cooker industry.”

Keep reading for our exclusive look at the new machine.

The 6 New Features of the Instant Pot MEGA

1. It will order your groceries.

The Instant Pot MEGA is now Alexa-enabled. That means you tell the machine which recipes you’re making, and then as you pour ingredients in (like, say, chicken stock), it keeps track of how much you’re using. Once you’ve used up the last bit/drop of something, the machine will automatically update your shopping list. You can even order things as you think of them. Just say, “MEGA, order a can of black beans,” and it’ll show up in the mail a day or two later.

2. It has a self-cleaning button.

Unlike your oven’s self-cleaning button that you should never actually push, this one can be used on a nightly basis. And you’ll be so glad that it’s there. You can toss in your forks, spoons, measuring cups, and any other small tools, seal up the lid, and run the cycle. It’ll not only clean the IP’s components, but it’ll also clean whatever else you’ve tossed in. Plus, it does so without any noxious smells.

(Image credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Kitchn)

3. It will vacuum your countertops.

Say “buh-bye” to crumbs, spills, and other countertop messes. The Instant Pot MEGA has a Roomba-like setting that will send the small appliance all around your countertops to sweep up anything that doesn’t belong. Bonus: You can also use it on your floors! There’s a small compartment at the bottom that you’ll have to empty after each use, but otherwise it’s totally hands-off.

4. The included silicone rings are now scented.

Taking user complaints about stinky silicone rings to heart, Robert and his team came up with the ultimate solution: This model now comes with two bubblegum-scented rings. They will never lose their scent or get tainted by anything you make in the IP. Sure, it sounds a little strange, but in-house IP chefs tested the rings with braised beef, spaghetti, potatoes, and more — and the bubblegum scent somehow always complemented the flavor of whatever was cooking in the pot.

(Image credit: Photo: Getty Images; Design: Kitchn)

5. It will babysit your kids.

Kind of! See, it has a built-in nanny cam that allows you check in while you’re out of the house or in another room. And it has a little robotic arm that can dole out snacks on your command. Cheese crackers for everyone who’s done their homework!

6. It actually removes calories from food.

Thanks to the MEGA’s patented high-stem technology, all foods — including dessert — come out at about 1/3 the normal amount of calories. And yet, they don’t taste or look different AT ALL.

(P.S.: April Fools! But the ACTUAL newest Instant Pot is still pretty cool.)