Exclusive Scoop: Here’s a First Look at the Brand New Instant Pot, Coming Out in Spring

updated May 1, 2019
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As if the Instant Pot, a seven-in-one gadget, didn’t already do enough, there’s a new model coming out in May or June. And it’s technically an eight-in-one gadget.

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In addition to the usual features (browning meat, making yogurt, pressure cooking, making rice, etc.), the new version will have … wait for it … a canning option!

You see, this version (like stovetop pressure cookers) can easily go up to 15 PSI. Other electric pressure cookers and previous versions of the Instant Pot usually max out around 11.6 PSI (although other Instant Pot models may touch 15 PSI momentarily due to the heat conduction delay).

What’s New About the Brand New Instant Pot?

  • It can be used for canning.
  • It has an automatic stirrer for when you’re making bone broth or risotto.
  • It has a new venting options.
  • It has an easy-to-read touch screen.
(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

It also has a few other other fun, new functions. For starters, it will have an automatic stirrer for when you’re making, say, bone broth or risotto. It will also have more safety features including options for an automatic slow venting, a pulse of venting, or a quick-release situation. And it’ll have a fancy, easy-to-read new touch screen. Fun, right?

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The Instant Pot Max, as it’s been adorably named, will hit stores sometime in May or June. To start, it will only be available in the six-quart size (no word on whether or not it eventually come out in the three- or eight-quart sizes) and the price tag is estimated to be around $200, although company reps couldn’t say for sure just yet.

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What do you think? Are you excited or do you love the older versions of the Instant Pot just the way they are?