Did You Know You Can Make Iced Tea in Your Instant Pot?

published Jun 15, 2018
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

I know I have a tendency to anthropomorphize objects, but I’ve said “My Instant Pot is my best friend” so often I think it might have become true. I do talk to it a lot, saying things like, “Are you done yet? Which button am I supposed to push now? How do I get you to say ‘I love you’?”

Now I worry that my yogurt cake- and wine-making BFF is feeling neglected. Instant Pots are fabulous for soups and stews, beans, braises, and all kinds of things that normally take a long time but are much quicker thanks to the pressure cooker. But in summer a lot of those pots aren’t getting much use, as their owners turn to ice cream and barbecue and 10,000 caprese salads. I imagine my Instant Pot sitting in the corner, peeping “Feed me!” like Audrey II.

But there are more summer-friendly ways to use an Instant Pot besides just using its stainless steel canister as a makeshift salad bowl. Urvashi Pitre, the best-selling author of Indian Instant Pot Cookbook and the writer behind the blog Two Sleevers, told Health that she actually loves to use the Instant Pot to make iced tea.

Iced tea isn’t exactly hard to make. If you have a jar and the sun, you can have sun tea. But Pitre writes that the Instant Pot is her preferred method for iced tea because she says it makes the tea taste stronger but more mellow than conventional tea-making methods, and not bitter at all.

“How hard is it to make tea on the stove? The answer is … harder than in the IP and not as good, not as strong, and actually not as economical,” she wrote. “I reuse my bags at least twice.”

Her recipe makes six cups of iced tea in about 15 minutes, and you don’t have to watch a pot of water boil in the middle of summer. You can also experiment with mixing and matching different tea bags to make your own iced tea blends. (If this makes you a convert to Instant Pot tea, Pitre also has recipes for Instant Pot Horchata and Instant Pot Masala Chai that look amazing.)