How to Turn Your Instant Pot Into a DRAGON That Breathes Steam

updated Feb 3, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

What’s that? You’ve never actually stopped to wonder how you could turn your Instant Pot into a steam-breathing dragon? But now that you know you can, you are incredibly interested? Yeah. We thought so. No judgements: We had the exact same thought process!

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Let’s back up a bit. One of the key features of the Instant Pot is the pressure-release valve, which sends a steady stream of steam (say that five times fast!) into the air. It’s what keeps your pot from exploding after it reaches pressure and cooks your food. Although it’s a highly necessary part of the Instant Pot process, lots of people have complained that this steam can really do a number on their upper cabinets — especially those people who use their Instant Pots day in and day out. So, in response, lots of steam diverters have started to hit the market.

They’re simple little accessories that redirect the steam from going up towards your cabinets and, instead, out into the kitchen. Our favorite steam diverter? This silly little guy that looks like a periscope. At least it was. Until we stumbled upon this Etsy shop. This Etsy shop, which makes 3D-printed dragons that fit over the pressure-release valves. In other words, dragons that sit on your Instant Pot and shoot steam! (There’s also a unicorn, if you’re, say, not a Game of Thrones fan.)

Here’s a video for dramatic effect.

As if that’s not cool enough, the Etsy seller also has a few color-changing options. Meaning: The dragons change colors as the steam heats up their little bodies. These dragon steam diverters start at $14 and you just need to pay attention to make sure you’re buying one that will fit your IP model (check the Etsy listing).

Is this totally necessary? Nope (you can just move your IP away from your cabinets before you release the steam). Do we want seven? Yup!

Not into dragons or unicorns? You can also find steam diverters made to look like an alien, a fire hydrant, or a knock-off Minion.