You Can Now Buy Instant Pot Meal Kits for Dogs

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Dogs are mankind’s best friend, but the Instant Pot is a close second. And now your best dog bud can enjoy the Instant Pot too, thanks to a new meal kit service that sends you all the things you need to make fresh meals for your dog in your own Instant Pot.

Yes, really.

It turns out there are a lot of people who are interested in feeding their dogs more healthful, less processed diets, but don’t have the time to do so. That’s why, according to CNET, Instant Pot has teamed up with a dog-food subscription company called YaDoggie to make a line of ready-to-cook Instant Pot meals for dogs.

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YaDoggie’s fresh dog-food meals ship frozen and uncooked in 3.3-pound bags. When you get one, you just put it in your Instant Pot, and in about 20 minutes you have a week’s worth of fresh-made dog food without any of the chopping or mess that would normally come from making homemade dog food. You don’t even have to deal with buying and preparing a bunch of turkey livers.

The bags cost $15 apiece, plus shipping, and YaDoggie estimates that a 35-pound dog would eat about two bags a week if that’s all they were eating. If you don’t want to go all-in on the homemade dog food, you could also use the YaDoggie Fresh food as a topping, which would make the dog food more of a treat and make the YaDoggie bag last longer.

“We all need to have a renewed focus on keeping our pets super healthy,” YaDoggie CEO Sol Lipman said to CNET. “They’re members of our family. We wouldn’t go cheap on our children, so why would we go cheap with our dogs?”

The recipes were developed with a veterinary nutritionist, and the first two meal bag options are turkey and salmon. The salmon formula contains wild Atlantic salmon, sweet potato, brown rice, sesame oil, kale, mushrooms, baking powder, wheat germ oil, and water. The turkey bag contains turkey breast, brown rice, walnut oil, carrots, mushrooms, baking powder, turkey liver, wheat germ oil, and water.

If those sound like something you’d eat yourself, well, all the ingredients are human-grade food, so you could technically eat it if you really wanted to. I guess.

The YaDoggie Fresh Instant Pot meal kits are being funded with a campaign on IndieGoGo and are expected to start shipping out to backers in October.

Would you make food for your dog in the Instant Pot?